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TMC TeamMotown Harley-Davidson formerly Biker Bob’s under New Ownership

Motown Harley-Davidson, formerly known as Biker Bob’s Harley-Davidson, has been acquired by Michael Veracka, Paul Veracka and managing partner, Jason Bremer. The Veracka brothers along with their father, David Veracka, have been in the Harley-Davidson business since 2003, owning and operating twelve of the largest dealerships in the country. Bremer, born and raised in Iowa, comes to Michigan with nearly 20 years of experience in the motorcycle industry. He has a passion for motorcycle sales and building the best teams in the Harley-Davidson industry. The Verackas and Bremer are excited to continue Biker Bob’s legacy of delivering a world class Harley-Davidson experience! Motown Harley-Davidson will become the newest member to The Motorcycle Company’s family of dealerships coast-to-coast; Boston to California, Kansas, Denver, Florida and now Michigan.

“Biker Bob’s Harley-Davidson owner, Bob DeMattia, has done a great job for decades building both a community of Harley riders in the Detroit metro area, as well as a great business that we will continue to develop for many years to come. Our company was founded by riders, built for riders and we are dedicated to passing that passion along to others from coast to coast. Our family is 100% committed to the Harley-Davidson brand and the sport of of motorcycling.” says owner, Michael Veracka.

“Motown Harley-Davidson is home to one of Michigan’s largest riding communities. We will have over 100 events this year including bike nights, group rides, open house parties and charity events. Our inventory of over 400 new & used Harley-Davidson motorcycles, along with an expanded selection of parts, accessories and clothing will cement us as the destination Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership in Detroit and all of Michigan. The trucks have already started shipping in 100s of motorcycles from our stores across the country to immediately increase the selection for our local customers when we open the doors as Motown Harley-Davidson” proclaimed Bremer.

Along with the massive inventory expansion, the new owners are currently hiring for all departments to add an additional 30 team members to the staff in anticipation of increased business. The additional staff is necessary to achieve their Wildly Important Goal, ‘To fulfill dreams by delivering a premium customer experience, creating customers for life.’

“Our company allows us to transform existing stores into world class dealerships while often doubling or tripling the staff with top industry professionals. Providing additional training for the staff combined with increased marketing, events and inventory, has proven successful across the United States. We continue introducing thousands of new Harley-Davidson riders each year to the sport that never would have started riding motorcycles through our Rider Academy training and increased Harley-Davidson presence.”

This new acquisition in Michigan is a testament of The Motorcycle Company’s commitment to the continued success of Harley-Davidson for years to come. Collectively, The Motorcycle Company will sell over 10,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycles this year, continuing to strengthen its position as the largest Harley-Davidson group in the world.

As the greater Detroit metro continues to rebuild, Motown Harley-Davidson plans to continue building the Harley-Davidson community one premium customer experience at a time!